Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010


In my garden I like to spend time planting seeds in the spring and summer.
To watch the veggies and flowers start to grow, watering and caring for them, waiting for the suns love to shine down on my young seedlings, to give them the warmth they need, in the ground the seeds will grow, tall and bring out the beauty of flowers!

Waiting for nature to come to life in my yard and garden.

All the pretty flowers in my yard, bring the bees to collect the necter to take back to the hive to make the honey we love.

And the pretty birds that come to visit my feeder I always keep filled of bird seed to make the birds always come back for more. Birds bring me comfort to watch, and very relaxing just to sit back and take a break in my day to see the birds always busy tending to the nest, with a egg or two, baby birds will sooon hatch and fill the air with their chirps, calling to both parents to bring food and care for them!

Back in my garden, I take out the dredded weeds that always seem to pop up even when their is no rain.

Summmer is here, and all is beautiful, I pick the veggies in my garden always fresh and always I can't wait to take them inside to wash them and think about how to cook them or store for latre.

My garden I try to tend when I can, not always easy when the summers days are filled with going here and their, enjoying the fun of summer, yes it's hot but I love it...

Summer has always been my favorite time of year!!
Running outside, and playing and having fun, traveling and visiting new places.

For my garden is always waiting for me, and I must get back home to tend to it each day....

The broccoli I love to eat... what a treat!
The Cucumber, to make the pickles...
The onions, to make my sandwiches happy and add to my foods I love to cook.
Wish I had room for more!

The peppers hot and mild, make me so very happy...

Yes my garden brings me joy...
Glad am a country boy can't wait for garden time to come once again!!

All is good in the days of spring summer and fall!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009



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Edgar Allan Poe

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I Love nature, walking thru the woods in the Spring, listening to the sounds of the birds singing, and the rustling of the breeze thru the trees, the sound of the water in the river rushing by.

I Love the quiet and just the sounds of nature.
Watching the squirrel's running and playing.

No people around, and being one with nature, that's me.
I enjoy getting away, and my quiet place, I can stay here forever.

No worries
No cares

walking thru the woods and seeing the giant trees growing as tall as the sky.
Everything smells so fresh and the sunshine is bright and warm, I can feel the sunshine on me and guiding me on my quest to discover the beauty of nature.

How can I not take in how wonderful this is?

I walk to a rock and sit and take a break, and look around and see, nothing but the true beauty of flowers growing and looking as sweet as they smell.

This is Gods creation, he created everything I see.

He made this world for you and me, so come with me and enjoy a walk thru the wilderness and see how beautiful everything is!

Come with me out in Gods country.
Come walk with me in the sunshine and get away from everything.
And you may not want to leave.

Take my hand and we will explore together.

Hand in hand together we walk.

Friday, November 27, 2009


Always give Thanx for the little things in life.
A new day, each morning we are blessed with a new day, a new chance to start over and share your blessings with all loved ones.

A new day to Thank God above for giving us a new day to share his blessings with everthing we do!

For our food we are about to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Always give Thanks for each meal, and pray for those who don't have any food to eat!

Give Thanx for your family!
Mom Dad and Kids.
Share the word of God everyday, even in your busy lifestyle, always take some time out to say a little prayer, for what you need in life for God above already knows what you need before you even ask him!

Give Thanks for the little things in life, for a childs smile, that warmed your heart, for a good friend who called you during the holidays just to say hi!
And always makes you feel good!

And remember the most important holiday of all!
Christmas, is The birth of Jesus Christ!

Always keep Christ in Christmas, and Praise him, and remember why you celebrate his birthday!

Give Thanks before you go to bed each night and time to rest, before starting a new day!

Monday, November 23, 2009


how can I help you?
Often people ask that question, and not willing to really help someone, jst offering to ask that question, as they are passing by.

I want to help you, I want to share with you, who I am and what I believe in.

I want to be their for you, when you are in need of help and together we can do anything!

Only together can people really learn how to help others.
Only by reaching out to help a friend, or someone you don't even know.

Reaching out to give our hearts, or a helping hand, and even to just be their, to listen when no one else, would give the time, to listen when they saw someone, alone to needed a friend, to sit with them, and to hold them and dry away the tears, and make them smile again.

I want to be your friend, I am here for you if only you call my name, and let me know, you want to come unto me.

Open your hearts eyes and minds.
Reach out to help someone today and make a difference, in someone's life.

Call on family just to say HI!

Do one good deed a day, and you will always feel better about yourself, and you will be glad you did, take some time to help another today!

Always do today what you put off yesterday!